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SafeEndo BioStructure MTA Root Repair Material

Brand: SafeEndo

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MTA powder & liquid for Vital Pulp Therapy and Endodontics Procedures.


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SafeEndo BioStructure MTA is a specialized dental cement formulated from Di and Tri-Calcium Silicate as well as Tricalcium Aluminate, developed through advanced research in inorganic hydraulic powder technology. This material is designed for use in vital pulp therapy and Endodontics procedures.

BioStructure MTA is a tricalcium silicate-based bioactive cement that resists staining and can be applied universally for vital pulp treatments and various other endodontic needs in both primary and permanent teeth. It acts as a bioceramic cement that initiates the healing process. It offers smoother mixing, easier dispensing, and more stable placement, along with improved resistance to washout and quicker clinical setting.

Indications :

  • Pulp capping
  • Cavity lining
  • Pulpotomies
  • Root-end fillings
  • Apexification
  • Apexogenesis
  • Perforation repair
  • Root resorption
  • Obturation (pulpectomy)

Composition :

Powder components include Di-Calcium Silicate, Tri-Calcium Silicate, Tricalcium Aluminate, and Zirconium Oxide, while the liquid consists of Calcium chloride dissolved in purified water.

Technical Data :

  • Initial Setting Time: 16 minutes
  • Compression Resistance (MPa): 45±2
  • Solubility (%): 0.58
  • pH Value: 12.8

Packaging :

  • 1 x Powder 1gm
  • 1 x Liquid 2ml
  • 1 x Mixing pad
  • 1 x Dispensing spoon


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