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Woodpecker Apex Locator Woodpex Fifth-Gen

Brand: Woodpecker

Rs 9,559.00  Rs 30,000.00

It is a highly efficient apex locator that aids the dentist in accurately determining the working length to carry out the endodontic treatment.


SKU: Woodpecker Apex Locator Woodpex Five

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The Woodpecker Woodpex V Apex Locator is a highly efficient tool used by dentists to precisely determine the working length for endodontic treatments. Using an apex locator offers several advantages over traditional methods of determining working length and locating the apical constriction. This fifth-generation apex locator features a clear and bright LCD display that shows a clear image and uses different colors to indicate the file trajectory. Its operation is based on advanced multiple-frequency network impedance measurement technologies, ensuring accurate measurements with automatic calibration.

The Woodpex V Standard apex locator's parts are autoclavable, reducing the risk of cross-infection. A rechargeable battery is integrated into the device for convenience and eliminates the need for frequent battery replacements. The display can be folded for improved viewing. One of the most notable features of the Woodpecker Apexlocator V is its direct integration capability with the Woodpecker Endomotor E-Com.

Note: Accuracy in readings for apex locators is claimed to be 97.7% accurate. However, readings may vary compared to the conventional radiographic method of determining working length, and accuracy may fluctuate if the precautions outlined in the user manual are not followed.


  • Equipped with clear bright LCD, clear image and different colours indicate the trajectory of the file clearly
  • Based on advanced multiple frequency network impedance measurement technologies and automatic calibrating ensure the measurements are accurate.
  • The battery is rechargeable, so don't need to replace the battery repeatedly
  • Folding, easy to adjust the visual angle
  • Adopting the fifth generation circuit in the area of apex locator, based on the multi-frequency closed circuit human body's oral cavity
  • Whether the root canal is dry or filled with electrolyte. blood or physiological brine will not affect the measuring result
  • Autoclavable accessories to avoid cross infection
  • Equipped with self-check circuit to guarantee the accuracy by adjusting the program data beforehand!
  • Compact. stable, ergonomic design for easy handling
  • Colored LCD screen and piezoelectric buzzer
  • DC battery-operated
  • Fully guaranteed for one year
  • When measuring, the changes of the sound can indicate the position of the file in the root-canal
  • The measurement is free from the thickness of the file
  • High resolution. colour LCD display enables exact visualization of the file tip position
  • Battery power is indicated on the LCD screen
  • The contact point of root canal file is made from high-quality metal. 

Key Specifications

  • Battery: 3.7V/750mAh
  • Adapter: 100V - 240V 501-Iz/60Hz
  • Power consumption: 50.5W
  • Screen: 4.5" LCD
  • Buzzer alert: The buzzer will alert when the endo file is less than 2mm to the apex
  • Environment temperature: +5°C to +40:C
  • Relative humidity: 580%
  • Atmosphere pressure: 50kPa to 106kPa
  • Main unit net weight: 336g
  • Main unit gross weight: 360g Unit
  • Dimension: 195mm x 137mm x 123mm


  • 1 X Main Unit
  • 1 x Measuring Wire
  • 2 X File Clip
  • 2 X Lip Hook
  • 2 X Measuring File
  • 1 X Adapter
  • 1 X Tester
  • 1 X Battery
  • 1 X Instruction Manual
  • 1 X Qualified Certificate
  • 1 X Warranty Card
  • 1 X Packing List

Driection to Use

Measurement Preparation:

  • a. Insert the plug of the measuring wire into the right-side socket of the main unit.
  • Connect the file clip and lip hook to their respective sockets on the measuring wire. Ensure a secure connection.

Testing the Wire Connection:

  • Power on the device and verify that the scene of measuring the root canal length is displayed on the LCD screen.
  • Check if the measuring wire plug is properly inserted.
  • Confirm that the file clip and lip hook are connected well to the measuring wire.
  • Touch the lip hook to the bent wire of the file clip to ensure a stable connection. The connection icon on the LCD screen should be steady.

Determining the Working Length:

  • As you navigate the endo file through the root canal, observe the indicating bar on the screen.
  • When the indicating bar reaches the position of the dial 0.0, and "APEX" is displayed, the endo file has reached the anatomical apical foramen.
  • Subtract 0.5-1.0 mm from the measured length to determine the working length.

Enlarged Display of Apical Foramen (optional):

  • To examine the apical foramen more closely, refer to the enlarged display mode on the LCD screen.

Testing the Device by Tester: To ensure proper functionality, use the provided tester every two weeks:

  • Disconnect the measuring wire and turn off the device.
  • Insert the tester and power on the device.
  • Check if the indicating bar falls within ±3 bars of the dial 0.5. If not, contact the authorized distributor or manufacturer for assistance.

Connecting to Compatible Endo Motor (optional):

If using the Woodpex V with an Endo Motor, connect one end of the USB line to the USB socket on the device and the other end to the compatible Endo Motor. The Contra-angle icon on the screen will indicate successful communication between the devices.


The manufacturer/importer provides a 5-year warranty for the PCB (Power Circuit Board) starting from the date of the invoice, and a 12-month warranty covers all other parts of the product, excluding physical damage. Service and warranty matters for this product are directly managed by the manufacturer/importer.

Sudenkart is not responsible for replacing products; this responsibility falls on the manufacturer/importer. Both Sudenkart and the buyer agree that any warranties for the products are solely provided by the original manufacturer/importer. Claims for returns and replacements must be directed to the relevant manufacturer/importer, although Sudenkart may aid customers in requesting product servicing or replacements.

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