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Woodpecker Implant Motor Irrigation Tubing for oral surgery

Brand: Woodpecker

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The perfect companion for your oral surgery and implantology procedures.


SKU: Woodpecker Implant Motor Irrigation Tubing

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Woodpecker's irrigation tubing is the ideal companion for your oral surgery and implantology procedures. Specifically designed for use with machinery irrigation systems, this high-quality tubing ensures efficient and precise delivery of liquid coolants, enhancing your surgical experience. With Woodpecker Irrigation Tubing, you can effectively disperse a saline solution to regulate and cool down the heat in the surgical area, creating a comfortable and controlled environment for both the dentist and the patient, leading to optimal outcomes.

Engineered to meet the stringent requirements of surgical drive units, Woodpecker's irrigation tubing is equipped with flow regulators that allow easy adjustment of the flow rate. This gives you complete control over the irrigation process, ensuring consistent and reliable performance throughout the procedure. With Woodpecker Irrigation Tubing, you can focus on delivering exceptional patient care, knowing that you have a reliable and high-quality tool at your disposal.


  • Cooling the surgical operation area in oral surgery and implantology procedures.
  • Dispensing liquid coolants, such as a saline solution, during surgical operations.
  • Regulating the flow rate of the liquid coolant for precise and controlled irrigation.


  • Efficient Cooling: The tubing facilitates the effective cooling of the surgical operation area, enhancing patient comfort and providing a controlled environment for the dentist.
  • Precise Dispensing: It allows for precise and controlled dispensing of liquid coolants, ensuring optimal irrigation during oral surgery and implantology procedures.
  • Adjustable Flow Regulators: Equipped with flow regulators, the tubing enables easy adjustment of the flow rate, providing the user with precise control over the irrigation process.
  • High-Quality Materials: Constructed from durable and medical-grade components, the tubing ensures reliability and longevity, meeting the stringent quality standards required for surgical applications.
  • Easy Installation: The tubing is user-friendly and designed for easy installation, allowing for seamless connection to machinery irrigation systems without complications.
  • Indicated for Oral Surgery and Implantology: Specifically designed for use in oral surgery and implantology procedures, the tubing is tailored to meet the unique needs of these surgical specialties.
  • Safety and Compliance: Woodpecker Irrigation Tubing is manufactured to meet strict safety standards, ensuring patient and user safety during surgical procedures.


  • Type: Irrigation tube
  • Category: Oral Surgery
  • Material: Plastic
  • Disposable / Reusable: Single Use Only
  • Sterile / Non-Sterile: Sterile


  • 1 x Woodpecker Irrigation Tubing

Driection to Use

  • Ensure that you have a compatible machinery irrigation system and surgical drive unit in place.
  • Open the sterile packaging of the Woodpecker Irrigation Tubing set, ensuring aseptic conditions are maintained throughout the process.
  • Connect the tubing to the appropriate connection port on your machinery irrigation system. Ensure a secure and proper fit.
  • Verify that the flow regulators on the tubing are in the closed or lowest flow position before initiating the procedure.
  • Prepare the liquid coolant, such as a saline solution, as per the recommended guidelines or as directed by your healthcare professional.
  • Begin the procedure and gradually adjust the flow regulators on the tubing to achieve the desired flow rate. Observe and ensure that the flow is within the desired range throughout the procedure.
  • Monitor the cooling effect and adjust the flow rate as necessary to maintain optimal temperature conditions around the surgical operation area.
  • Once the procedure is complete, disconnect the Woodpecker Irrigation Tubing from the machinery irrigation system, following proper aseptic techniques.


  • This product does not carry any manufacturer/importer warranty.


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